JSC "BP Georgia"2007 — 2008

Pipeline terminal SecurityJob was done under "Mziri" contract. We done cctv, access, flood lighting, slide gates rising aims and so on. solutions provided by Pelco, Apollo, Zyxell, Cisco, AAM systemz, and DigiCore.

J.S.C “Lomisi” Beer factory2008 — 2008

Territory Access ControlInstallation of Access Control System for factory and pereperial offices, Honeywell solution plus communication made by VDSL2

JSC “BlackSea" group2008 — 2008

Fingerprint Access ControlFingerprint Access control for turnstile. Zk-Teko becoming our partner.

LTD"Independent Film Project"2008 — 2008

Access,CCTV,Alarm, SCSFull solution for move studio, include 10GB network core

NGO "Save the children foundation"2008 — 2009

Perimeter protection, Fire alarmBuilding protection against robbery by "virtual wall" solution. Meaiantech become our supplier for all access solution

LTD "Betsi's hotel"2008 — 2009

Hotel security/Door accessCCTV, and guest management door solution.

Ministery of Internall Affairs2008 — 2014

We did it!

LTD Cafe "Canape"

Terrastian network CCTV4 filial's CCTV systems installed and connected to one video wall in central office.

LTD "Tbilisi Yaht Club"2009 — 2009

CCTV and Public WiFiCCTV ( with privacy applied) and free public WiFI to cover up to 2000 sq/m

JSC "TAV Georgia"2009 — 2009

Access control, X-ray systemControl of Access to Airdrome and X-ray system for staff. ICAO rules applied. 

LTD "#5 Maternity hospital"2009 — 2009

Scubs Educational CCTV network and access controlSpecial desing of Hi resolution IP CCTV (5 mpx) with internal web server for scrubs education. Time attendance for staff.

Georgian fashion week2009 — 2011

Live videoGeorgian Fashion Week Front stage live translation! Direct to our web-platform

NGO "IRD-SK"2009 — 2010

Factory perimeter protectionJust laser wall...

Bank "Constanta"2010 — 2010

CCTVPTZ cameras for perimeter and hi res analog for POS control

LTD "Eko Cementi"2010 — 2010

Factory CCTVIP 67 solution for hi-dust envelopment.

HRIDC Tbilisi Office2010 — 2010

Fingerprint Access ControlFingerprint time attendance

JSC "Gulf Oil and Gas Georgia"2010 — 2011

Perimeter protection, CCTV terrastian system, internal alarm serverFull terminal control - cctv, perimeter alarm (virtual walls and microwave barriers), all centralized, all integrated

JSC "Aldagi BCI"2010 — 2012

Access, CCTV, Alarm, NetworkNew hospitals full security, cctv and network, Plus special desing Wifi for customers, and nurce calling system. We equip 12 brand new hospitals!

JSC "My Famaly Clinic"2010 — 2013

Access, CCTV, Alarm, NetworkMultiply office installation. 

JSC "GPM"2013 — 2013

Time Attendance and CCTVAccess control. Triple. For hi secured storage of "list a" drugs raw material. CCTV act as part of access system.

LSC "Sheraton" Metehi palace hotel2013 — 2013

Server Room Access

LTD "BSK"2014 — 2014

Parking controlParking control based on ANPR solution ( car plate recognition). Traffic controlled by camera and special design data base. no human interraction
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