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Описание товара
Panel feature:
◎ All English prompt, rolling menu programming.
◎ 2-way wireless communication, 16wired zones, 128 BUS or wireless zones.
◎ 8 preset alarm linkage each channel, built-in PTZ controller.
◎ 8 wired or wireless keypads, 8 remote controlles,32 electric appliance control.
◎ 2 CMS number(Contact ID protocol), 4 private voice number, 2 group free arm/disarm number.
◎ Contact ID+TCP/IP networking alarm.
◎ Built-in electronic clock, can achieve 4 groups timing arm/disarm everyday, 2 groups timing alarm clock.
◎ Built-in siren, alarm linkage output can be external/internal connected .
◎ Segmented recording, arm partition, listen-in to the premises.
◎ Phone line cut alarm, Status report to CMS of AC cut/wired or wireless sensor fault.
◎ Self check status report to the panel.
◎ Built-in backup UPS power.
Video feature:
※ H.264 compression algorithm, excellent image resolution.
※ 8D1( preview/record/playback/backup/ network monitoring) .(EAVS-2608)
※ 16(1/2)D1( preview/record/playback/backup/ network monitoring).(EAVS-2616)
※ Support multiple high-capacity SATA hard disk.
※ Friendly Windows-style graphical user interface.
※ Network protocol: TCP/IP,DHCP,DDNS,PPPoE.
※ With VGA input/output switch.
※ Support video and text transmission separately.
※ Motion alarm and trigger detector alarm can be identified.
※ PTZ preset, auto Cruise, Up to 128 preset points and 32 Cruise line.
※ Network functions: Playback/PTZ control/Menu setting/Parameter setting.
※ Support IE, multiple users on-line monitoring at the same time.
※ Support 3G browse,  PTZ control and home appliances control.

※ 3D mouse control is optional.

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