Home alarm kit #2

Home alarm kit #2
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Описание товара

ST-IVB TCP/IP alarm control panel
Basic functions:
◎ Full touch screen glass board panel
◎ Speech indication for all operation steps, English LCD screen, Easy to operate than before
◎ 8 wired 32 wireless zone, 32 BUS zone,210 zone total
◎ 4 subsystem, bidirectional wireless communication
◎ Build-in GSM, TCP/IP module
◎ Build-in GPRS wireless communication module, support GPRS data transmission.
◎ 32 electric appliance control, electric appliance switch timely control
◎ Muti-Code Non-repeat holographic code
◎ Build-in songs doorbell and sound siren
◎ Remote control by telephone,10s address recording, arm/disarm timely and freely
◎ Wireless equipment status checking, wireless alarm linkage
◎ Telephone line cut alarm
◎ Reminder windows and doors is not closed
◎ Build-in 9.6V/1000mAh rechargeable battery

MC-8250R Wireless digital PIR detector 
◎Adopts self-designed MASK with DMT technology
◎Reliable detection performance with dual PIR technology
◎Selectable digital pulse count, Auto Temp. compensation and energy alynasis
◎Excellent white light prevention with white light protection lens and optical protection cover
◎Advanced pet-immunity recognition can tell the difference between a intruder and a pet.
◎Excellent false alarm prevention with look-down window to avoid blind-corner.
◎Reliable performance with tamper supervised, low-voltage check and status report function
◎Low current cunsumption, built-in big capacity battery, special low-lower mode and ultra-long working
◎Detection distance:12m@25℃ 
◎Detection angle:110° 
◎Working voltage:3VDC  
◎Working current:9μA(standby) 20mA(alarm) 
◎Anti-white light >8000LUX 
◎Emitting frequency 433MHz/868MHz 
◎Emitting Power ≤10dB

PB-403R Wireless intelligent remote 
◎6-pressbutton Mini wireless remote
◎Fit for FOCUS ST wireless control panel
◎With emergency button and Auto residential control panel remote control function
◎Novelty design, convenient to take along and can be took as decorations
◎High sensitivity within 200 meters。
◎Emitting frequency:433MHz/868MHz
◎Code:28 bit ID,8 bit function code, 36 digital code in all
◎Operating voltage:6V 
◎Operating environment:-10℃~+50℃

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