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Описание товара

FT-89RS wireless solor dual infrared & MW outdoor detector
◎Solor Dual PIR with digital correlation technology and 2 MW with sway recognition technology 
◎Adopts self-designed MASK with DMT technology
◎Digital pulse count adjustable, Auto temperature compensation and energy analysis
◎Wall, pole and barrier mountable with wide range rotation design
◎Weatherproof design, IP65 environmental rating 
◎Excellent false alarm prevention with look-down window to avoid blind-corner.
◎MW Anti-Collision feature that enables detectors to be installed adjacently or face
◎Detection distance:9m/12m/18m 
◎Detection angle:30°/90°/120° 
◎MW frequency:10.525GHz 
◎Working voltage:9VDC~15VDC 
◎Working current:20μA(standby) 20mA(alarm) 
◎Installation height:1.8m~2.4m 
◎Working temperature:-10℃~+50℃ 
◎Anti-white light:>15000LUX 
◎Anti-EMI:>30V/m (30MHz~1GHz) 
◎Emitting frequency:433MHz/868MHz 
◎Emitting power:≤10dB 
◎Built-in chargeable battery:10×1.5(V)×500(mA)

MD-334R Wireless outdoor solar sound and light siren◎Double flash lights on both side 
◎Built-in double althorns, super high alarm volume
◎Wireless two way communication with control panel
◎Power supply: can externally connect power adapter and build in rechargeable battery
◎Current drain:12VDC@100μA。
◎Emitting frequency:433MHz/868MHz。

PB-403R Wireless intelligent remote controller 
◎6-pressbutton Mini wireless remote
◎Fit for FOCUS ST wireless control panel
◎With emergency button and Auto residential control panel remote control function
◎Novelty design, convenient to take along and can be took as decorations
◎High sensitivity within 200 meters。
◎Emitting frequency:433MHz/868MHz
◎Code:28 bit ID,8 bit function code, 36 digital code in all
◎Operating voltage:6V 
◎Operating environment:-10℃~+50℃

Customer reviews:
  • 1 of 5 stars! Author: Visitor | 10.01.2015
    Dear Alexander,Just a brief reminder: it was the US that iniaitted the START Treaty, not Russia. And it was the Ministry of Economic Development that led the WTO negotiations. So credits go to Gref and Nabiullina, not Lavrov.Now, I\'m not saying that Lavrov is a bad minister. Nor, would I disagree that he isn\'t a policy maker, just an executioner. And that\'s really the major problem with the Russian political system: there is no policy makers, only executioners. Well, there is one policy maker, but regardless of whether he\'s right or wrong, no one in government disagrees. And why? They are simply executioners, right? Characteristically, Russian ministers can be fired at times, but they never resign. Best,Eugene
  • 4 of 5 stars! Author: Visitor | 07.01.2015
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  • 4 of 5 stars! Author: Visitor | 31.12.2014
    an executor of polciy and not a maker. But I don\'t think there is any serious dispute that he does the job he does well and he must take some of the credit for what has been achieved. As I have said before, one mustn\'t fall into the trap of blaming Moscow for the deterioration in relations with the US and Europe when the blame for that lies overwhelmingly with Washington. Certainly it is wrong to make a scapegoat of someone who is universally acknowledged to be an extremely able diplomat and official. For the rest, your comment about Medvedev\'s western oriented polciy could be equally well made about Gorbachev\'s and Yeltsin\'s and the early Putin\'s policies. All of them at various times spoke about the common European home . Gorbachev and Yeltsin made massive concessions to achieve it. No one I think would seriously say that there was a lack of detail in what Gorbachev and Yeltsin proposed and did. The trouble is that there has been a total lack of reciprocity. The invariable pattern is that the US and the EU pocket whatever concessions Russia makes and then demand more giving nothing back in return. That has also been largely true of the reset. That there is now complete disillusion with this polciy in Moscow is not therefore surprising. The blame for that lies in Washington and Brussels not in Moscow.
  • 5 of 5 stars! Author: Visitor | 29.12.2014
    The paragon of unnsteradding these issues is right here!
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