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Описание товара

FA-1016 Alarm Systems
◎Professional large screen LCD display;
◎come with the number of clock-controlled FM / AM / SW full - band high-sensitivity radio;
◎Built-in flashlight energy-saving lights;
◎16wireless programmable zones, 8 multi-function remote controllers;
◎Built-in telephone dialer :  4 numbers programmable,2 numbers monitoring stations;
◎Patented Multi code, support Contact ID alarm intercom protocol。
◎4 groups programmable timely auto arm/disarm.
◎Record 10 seconds for user’s voice alarm information, super user individual setting is optional.
◎Wireless detector status real time monitoring.
◎Wired/wireless zone status real time monitoring; remote arm/disarm, and spot listening.
◎Emitting frequency:433MHz/868MHz。

◎ Detect distance: Max 200m
◎ Center point 2.5m,wide 5m,snow depth 0.5m,grass depth0.3m
◎ Working temperature:-40℃~+65℃
◎ Power supply:12~18 VDC
◎ Working current: transmitter:25~30mA,12VDC; receiver:30~35mA,12VDC
◎ Sensitivity adjustable;
◎ Easy to install on pole or fence;
◎ Anti RFI/EMI;
◎ Avoided to install under following environment: direct sunlight, wind speed higher than 30meters/s,, small animal 
motion, snow or grass higher than 30cm depth.
◎ Making alarm under the following environment: human intruder work, run or climb with speed between 1 m to 10m per 
◎ Strong plastic case, waterproof, Revolvable bracket.
◎ Install height 0.8-0.9meter.

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