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Описание товара

Up to 64 Analog extensions

30 SIP registers

FXO Life line to FXS

Multiple Language

DID(Direct Inward Dialing Number)

Support SKYPE for SIP

Call Monitoring

Codec: G.711-Ulaw,G.711-Alaw,G.726,G.729


Call Hold/Forward/Transfer/Waiting/Parking

Call Paging and Intercom

Call Queue

Caller ID

Music On Hold

DISA(Direct Inward System Access)

Flexible Dial Plan

Ring Group

Conference Room

Call Logs

BLF(Busy Lamp Field)

Configuration By web

Built-in SIP/IAX2 server

Build-in voice mail server

System Backup and Restore

Echo Cancelation/VAD

Support Static/DHCP/PPPOE

VPN Client(Support N2N)

DDNS Client(Support Dyndns.org)

Support NTP(Network Time Protocol)


Hardware Interfaces

32 / 64 × RJ11 port
2 × RJ45 port
1 × Power port

32 bit embedded RISC DSP

1G Onboard Nand Flash



Environmental requirements:

Temperature: -10°C-45°C

Storage temperature:-30°C-65°C

Humidity: 10-80% no dew

Power: AC100~240V



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