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- Truly biometric identification inside of access controller

Users place fingerprints on reader, and access controller verifies the biometric data transferred from RS485 reader directly.

- Supports external SD Card for database back-up

inBIO460 is standard with SD Card slot, it enhances events capacity and protects database missing.

- 800m distance between RS485 reader and controller at least

It is steadily compatible working with RS485 fingerprint reader, and enhances the communication distance to 800m at least.

- Quietly brilliant to know about controller’s working state by LED indicators

There are five LED indicators on the housing of inBIO460; they indicate whether power is on , whether controller runs steadily, whether the identification is valid, and whether data is transferred from RS485 readers normally.

- Easy to remotely control and know the status of any door

Users may remotely close or open the door anywhere on software and know the status on e-map

-Video surveillance linkage

Pre-setting video surveillance linkage function on software, illegally operating on reader would active the camera to take photo or record video immediately. 

Multiple hardware protection measure

There are over-current protection, over-voltage protection, reversal protection for the power supply and all the input and output terminal.

- Integration with Other Security Systems

InBIO460 can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV, fire alarm, BAS (building automation system) and other systems to configure total security system.

-Supports different wiegand reader

The controller supports different wiegand format, and can connect to different reader, including ID card reader, Mifare card reader and HID card reader

-Input/Output Ports to Control Doors

Connect with variety of sensors, alarms, exit buttons, electric lock and other devices.

-Variety of Communication Function

Using either serial or TCP/IP communication, it provides reliable network system

-B/S structure software

It is easy to manage the system by browser from client PC. There is no need to install software on each client.

-Normal open after first punch card can be setup

-Real-time Monitoring of Door status

Using the management software, it allows real-time monitoring and control of door opening and closing of the whole system.

-Simple Access Control System Configuration

-Interlock function

Link different doors with special logic that one door is Open, others should be closed.

-Multi-card operation

This function is used to manage visitors or to manage some special high secure place. The doors are opened when appointed number registered cards are read together.


-Duress Mode

-SDK available

The system integrator can use the SDK to integrate the hardware into their existing access control software system or to develop a new software.







32bit MIPS CPU


32M bits

Flash Memory

128M bits

Fingerprint Capacity


Card Capacity


Event Buffer


SD card backup


Power / Current

DC 9.6V-14.4V, Rated Max.1A

Wiegand Reader Port

4ea (26bit Wiegand, 8bit Burst for PIN)

RS485 Reader Port

1ea Extended RS485 Port



Baud Rate

38,400bps (Recommended) / 9600bps, 19,200bps, 57,600bps (selectable)

Input Port

8ea (Exit Button#1,  Door Sensor#1; Exit Button#2,  Door Sensor#2; Exit Button#3,  Door Sensor#3; Exit Button#4,  Door Sensor#4)

Output Port

4ea (4 FORM-C Relay Output, SPDT 5A@36VDC/8A@30VAC)

4ea (4 Aux FORM-C Relay Output, SPDT 2A@30VDC)

LED Indicator

Yes, LED indication for communication, power, status and punch card

Operating Temperature

0°to +55°C

Operating Humidity

10% to 80% relative humidity non-condensing

Dimension (H*W*D)mm

226*106*36(Single board)

400*330*90.5(with power supply and metal cabinet)

Housing Material




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