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Описание товара

1. By simply connecting the PC and PSTN landline telephone with the USB recorder box, a powerful personal (or forspecific working purpose) telephone recording system is set up, as shown in Figure 1. 
2. USB plug and play, no need to install drivers. 
3. Provide a powerful software for telephony recording management (Green software for Windows OS). 
4. Support menu Popup when calls are incoming or outgoing. Record a complete call logs with all calls numbers, automatically recording the telephony communication, thus to enable convenient communication recall and recording playback with high-fidelity sound recording. 
5. Digital recording technology applied, supporting 64 KBPS,mp3 and 8 KBPS compression format, to save storage space in PC. 
6. Provide automatic gain recording function to ensure that voice of communication in both sides are sound loud, balanced and clear.
7. Provide a powerful phonebook function, telephony recording management function and integrated memo note features, with exporting function to convert phone log into EXCEL forms. 
8. Support dual standards call number detection (FSK and DTMF), automatically adaptive capability, with Caller ID accuracy rate up to larger than 99.9%. 
9. High Resistance design in telephone interfaces, to ensure no impact to the original telephone system and no impact to communication between the two sides. 
10. Smart phone line voltage measurement capabilities that can adapt to any telephone line environment.
11.Soft dial up phone number.

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