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Описание товара

YX usb recorder box, is a kind of smart telephone voice logger which will helps you record your telephone call conversation, back up for business management. Pretty and concise interface, supports caller ID display, call recording management etc.

Main Funcitons:

1.Customer Management

Manage your customers information by Kemei software. Easy to type any words you like into the log system. Search, import & export data, manage conveniently.

a. User Login

b. Software Interface

c.Group Customers

d.Edit Customers Information

e.Export/Import Customers Information

f.System Backup/Restore

g.Remind Your Customer Birthday  

2.Telephone Call Management

a.Telephone conversation recording, can search the call in/call out/answered/unanswered according to an appointed period. And you can play recording file at anytime.

b.Dial by Software

Copy the telephone numbers to input, dial directly, get through at once!

c.Dial Telephone Numbers in Lot

You can import telephone numbers in a lot into this system, the system can dial them automatically. 
When you call off it, the system will dial the next telephone number automatically until finish all the telephone numbers dialing.

d.Telephone Number Black list

You can put some bad telephone caller¡¯s phone number into the black list:
When the callers in the black list call in, the call reminder window will notices you that telephone number has been set in black list, attention

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