We have created the company and we are established on a long-term operational experience in other companies, and on the basis of standards accepted in the entire modern world. We shall not offer YOU system of video recording in cost of 300 dollars with the resolution 1000*1000pix and “super codec” of a lowest compression in 4 kb. Not because we can not, we not offer this because  such system simply does not exist. We shall offer YOU that will really work in real world, and will really enable YOU to supervise YOUR safety. We not only  install and adjust the equipment - it is last stage of our cooperation, for the beginning we shall help YOU to choose correct equipment which in  necessary to you needs! We will provide  every possible consultation and we shall prepare the project of system of your safety. We never  suggest you to put 3 P.I.R  there where it is possible to do with one, but other type. We not begin to offer you that equipment that will constantly cause in you problems either what or image will disturb habitual for you an operating mode - we simply will  give you in hands the high-grade tool for that you could see beforehand a difficult situation and estimate its before, rather the reverse!

We not simply install system and we CREATE to it, using the newest development both in sphere of safety, and in sphere of communications. We also take into account that on you already have system of safety or a little bit territorially carried systems, even in that case we guarantee to you an opportunity of association of the given systems in one, and with an opportunity of the remote management.

We are not about to offer a modern cameras and expensive devices. According to the name our company - Integrated Security Solution –we do not sell technique “as is”- we are providing complete solution for your company. Full Technical Solution. That may contain cameras, access control, elevator control, and fire alarm, even patrol guard tour and secure PBX! Yes we have such solution.

Unfortunately, we have no “cookbook” for our solution, so don’t ask us about “how many cameras I need to protect my office”- we don’t know, we need build a project, since we are dealing with your security, your safety and your calm. And we can't  “keep calm” until you will not be satisfied with our job. Modern security is not only monitoring tools, it’s a way to control your company, like Skype, witch gave you solution to collaborate with your partners, co-workers and family, we giving your tool to control all your staff, money, cars, movement and accident!


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